Monday, September 22, 2014

Mustions Go to the Cultural Creativity Tourism Night Market

On Saturday night, Jimmy and I went and visited the new night market in town. We had heard this night market was supposed to be big, clean, and full of fun games and foods to try.

The claims were NOT exaggerated! It was much like a large carnival. There were all kinds of games, prizes, food, and drinks (but bring your own water!). There was something for every age group.

What you won't find at this night market includes: small, dark alleys crammed with shops, shoulder to shoulder crowds, scads of phone cover stalls, or the like.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely! We played a few games. Jimmy won a BIG prize with one win (you can keep your dinky Six Flags prizes) and I won three bottles of soda in one game of ring toss. I ate snails. Jimmy had popcorn chicken and a giant corn dog. Noelle...fell asleep ;) Oh well, so much for something for everyone.

Anyway, we will definitely go there again! I hope you enjoy our pics and maybe you can have your own fun experience soon!

The night market is near the intersection of Zhongqing and Jing Mao 5th Roads in the Beitun District.

YES! That is alligator!

These are the snails I tried.

They were yummy!

Jimmy channeling his inner Katniss.

This is the giant ring toss. The rings are about the size of a child's bracelet and you win what you ring.

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