About the Mustions

Hi, We're the Mustions!
Manly voice: I'm Jimmy
Girly voice: and I'm Christiana
Both voices: and we're moving to Taiwan!

All kidding aside, you may be asking yourself why a married couple from small town Missouri ever, ever think about moving to Taiwan? The simple answer (and yet completely complicated) answer is that we feel like it is what God is calling us to do. Maybe hearing from each of us will help you better understand our point of view. Please, let us explain.

Age: 37
Birthday: December 5th
Hometown: Boonville, Missouri
Favorite Baseball Team: The St. Louis Cardinals
Favorite Cereal: Captain Crunch without Crunch Berries
Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Since college, I have felt God's call on my life to minister to students. For the past fifteen years that has meant being a Youth Minister/Minister of Education in local churches. I have loved my job! It has brought me into contact with some of the most amazing people you could ever hope to meet! It has also allowed me to do some of the craziest activities. All my life I have been "the Big Guy" and I have let that define me and hold me back. Over the past year I have been working very hard to change my habits and start a healthier lifestyle. I even underwent a weight loss surgery to help me fight my battle against obesity (Read more about Jimmy's weight loss journey). Now, I feel like God wants to take me totally out of my comfort zone and reach a whole new kind of student! It's exciting and terrifying at the same time!
Prayer Requests for Jimmy:
  • Pray I will adjust well to the new climate
  • Pray I will be able to sleep (I am a light sleeper and I hear Taiwan can be pretty noisy 24/7 kind of like NYC)
  • Pray I will learn and retain my Mandarin Chinese lessons
  • Pray I will be able to find a job

Age: 29
Birthday: December 4th
Hometown: Fulton, Missouri
Favorite Book: Pride & Prejudice
Favorite Food: Fried Okra
Hobbies: Playing video games, watching movies, reading, and photography

I started following Christ at a very early age. When I was in middle school, I knew that God wanted me to dedicate my life to serving Him. I just wasn't sure what that meant at the time. I grew older and continued in church life and pursued ministry which led me to majoring in Intercultural Studies while attending Southwest Baptist University. That time in my life confirmed my love for students and my love for learning other cultures. For the past seven years, I have been married to Jimmy and doing youth ministry by his side. Now I get to drag him over to my side of the fence as we cross the ocean and prepare to immerse ourselves in a new country, new language, and new culture. It's really the best of both worlds for us ministry wise. Jimmy will still be able to work with students, I will be able to learn about the people of Taiwan (while teaching), and we will both be able to partner with and serve in the local churches without the pressure of being on staff! Prayer Requests for Christiana:
  • Pray I will remember how to teach ESL classes and learn new skills quickly
  • Pray I will trust God and not stress about every detail all day every day until we have jobs
  • Pray I will learn and retain my Mandarin Chinese lessons
  • Pray I will be able to find a job


  1. My name is Christine but I go by Chris. I live in Taichung and am a friend of Kyle's. I will help keep an eye open for a place for you to live. I sold everything I had 5 years ago to come to Taiwan. It was quite a journey as you will find out. I have 2 sons and one lives in St Joe. Small world.

    1. Chris, that's awesome! Truly a small world. If you would like us to bring anything from your son be sure to let us know.