Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Meet the People of Taiwan #1

Meet Jamie and Alian aka Linus.
Jamie and Linus with Kendall and Megan at LAX Burger.

I would like to take time throughout this journey and blog and introduce to some of the awesome and amazing people that God has given us the privilege of meeting. I mean privilege in the highest honor. Some of the greatest and nicest people we have ever had in our lives we have met in the past three months of Taiwan. If you read my previous blog (of course you did!) then you understand the fact that we feel none of these meetings are by accident. Enough. More about Jamie and Linus.

When we moved to Taiwan we had nothing. People are always leaving and selling off all their belongings. One day we found a post about a couple leaving the country and selling off stuff we needed. Plates, silverware, q tips etc. Their name were Kendall and Megan (another great couple) we messaged back and forth and set up a time to come and get the stuff. I inquired about places to eat by them so we could eat before we met them. That is when LAX BURGER entered our lives. L.A.X. Burger like the airport code for LA. LAX Burger is owned by Jamie and Alian aka Linus. Seriously one of the best burgers I have ever eaten in my life.


Jimmy and Lily at Lily's birthday BBQ.

Jamie and Linus are a young couple. Both 30 yrs old. Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Two great and wonderful people. Jamie, her mother (my taiwan mother), Jamie's sister, Linus and Lily (Linus' niece) all live above LAX. They are a close knit family that have had a rough past year. Jamie's father passed away, and they moved locations because of it. Jamie and Linus have taken in Lily to live them and help her get back on the right path. She has been getting trouble at her old school so they put her to work all summer and then kept her. Lily is still trying their patience. Pray for that. We do daily. But what a wonderful thing they are doing.

OK. The food at LAX is great. I love it. We go once if not twice a week. SO that will always be with me.

Jamie and Linus invited us to our first Taiwanese BBQ. It was a great night of getting to know more locals and experience the great tradition.

We went to dinner one night with Jamie, Linus and Lily. Man it was fun. ITs great to go out with Taiwanese people. They love to each get a different meal and pass them around letting everyone try the dishes. While us americans horde our beloved meal. In fact this would be a great way to enjoy Lambers or Dennys. Especially Dennys. Mmmmm Dennys. Whoa got distracted there.

Emergency Room. Not a fun place to visit in the US. Imagine not knowing the language and going to the ER? but Jamie came right over to help us translate and take care of us. Amazing. She is such wonderful person.

We both love Jamie and Linus to death. We love their family. We love their food. We love that God as brought them into our lives. We hope that we will build many more memories with them both here and in the states. If you are living in Taichung or ever visit Taichung please take the time to come and not only eat at LAX but get to know this awesome owners and family. They are just so-so....kidding! They are great!

How to pray for Jamie and Linus:
  • Pray for them taking care of Lily
  • Pray for success of their business
  • Pray for Spiritual health.

Bye for now,


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