Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Just Getting Settled

Jimmy and Christiana
Sorry for the silence. Don't call it a comeback! Here is another blog. Man almost to 6 months in Taiwan. Wow, crazy how time flies. But looking back at the past six months words that pop in my mind are those such as: Difficult, Crazy, Awesome, Hectic, Scary, Exciting, Amazing....pretty much all emotions you can think of. We now partake into the new year, literally, about to celebrate our first Chinese New Years!! Our plan? SLEEP. HAHAHA! But seriously it just now seems that life is getting settled down after six months. For they way my mind works its best to take it one by one.

Jobs: We are both employed full time at great, secure schools. After spending the first 4 months in a crazy CRAM school (after school program that CRAM english into children's brains) I have got a job as a reading teacher at Washington Elementary School. A private school in the same company that Christiana works for. So its very secure, pays well and all I teach is reading which is by far my best and favorite subject. Financially this comes at a great time as the baby approaches. We are both very thankful for God's favor in providing for us.

Friends: We are so beyond blessed with the people that we have met here in Taiwan. Some amazing people. We fill like we have a great support system of those that will offer advice and help when we need it. Christiana has some great co workers that have looked out for her since day one. I have gotten to know them too and they are some great people. I am so amazed still that our paths cross with so many people. Truly blessing.

Church: We have finally landed at a church that we feel comfortable and enjoy. The Community Church of Taichung is a English speaking church that meets on the campus of Morrison Christian Academy. We felt very comfortable the first time we there. We are excited to see what God does while we are at CCT. If you want to check them out feel free

Family: I can't even begin to describe to you how much closer Christiana and I feel after this move. Really you have only each other to lean on here. There is no family near by. I feel like I could not have done this adventure with anyone else. She is amazing. I joke that life is just now settling down and it will all change again in 3 months when Baby Mustion arrives. Giving birth is crazy enough, even more crazy when its in a whole different country. But God has provided a great doctor and great support from other foreigners here on the Island that have given birth here.

The past 18 months. weight loss surgery, move to Taiwan, get pregnant. Unreal. What does the next 18 months hold in store?

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