Monday, October 23, 2017

Who Would Have Thought

So like I said last week... (If you didn't catch that, check it out here: Once Night at a Concert)

I was surprised when my indoorsy, not-handyman jumped at the idea to go to Mexico to build houses and do street ministry. Who would have thought that God had already been doing a work in his heart and all he needed was the right opportunity?

God did. God knew. Time and time again it amazes me that God knows it all before I ever act upon the opportunities in my life. So...Needless to say we were both excited, but we figured we should slow our roll and pray and make sure this was God, and that's exactly what we did. We took about five days to dedicate ourselves to prayer and to discerning whether or not THIS opportunity was the one God had been placing in Jimmy's heart.

The more we prayed and the more times we pestered Sharon Agee (Adam Agee's wife and fellow mission trip coordinator), the more it was confirmed that THIS was it! God willing, we were going to Baja, Mexico in 2018!

The first step was to pay our down payment/registrations. Again, we saw the hand of God in the timing. As many of you may or may not know, Jimmy has been contracting with the Gem Theatre here in Claude, Texas, to direct the 2017-2018 play season. We received the check we needed from them just when we needed to pay our registrations. Now it is official. We have reserved spaces on the God's Not Dead Missions trip to Baja. Next time, I plan on sharing a bit about some of our wonderful local teammates. Now on to Duolingo...but more on that later ;)

I will do my best to post weekly updates that will share more of our story and where we are in the process of fundraising and preparation. Visit our Mustion Mission Trip to Mexico GoFundMe Page to donate toward our total expenses for the trip.

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